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Zuckerberg Invests in Student Evaluation

by Kim-Mai Cutler


Article excerpt

MasteryConnect Raises $5M From Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan For Personalized Education

MasteryConnect builds software for teachers to plan and measure individualized student progress. They’ve racked up 1,800 paying customers, which are usually individual schools or districts across the country.

Our take

Zuckerberg Investing in Tools to Assess Learning Outcomes

Mark Zuckerberg recently invested in a company that provides software for teachers to aid in student evaluation. MasteryConnect allows teachers to assess student knowledge before and after instruction, allowing for formative assessments. It’s one example of how tech tools aren’t just for teaching, they can also be for planning and measuring progress; Zuckerberg sees some promise—do you?

The ability to more reliably assess student learning could definitely provide benefit for instructors, students—and school systems. Tools like this one can help to better determine whether instructional methods, including the adoption of various tech tools, is leading to real learning in support of desired outcomes.