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Xerox Finding The Video Content You Want

by Dian Schaffhauser

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Xerox Adds Analytics to Video Capture

Xerox researchers in India have developed technology that designed to analyze the contents of video and index it in a way that enables students to go immediately to the specific part of the recording they need for their learning. An Indian company that serves multiple universities has already licensed the technology for use in its video-based learning platform.

Our take

An Easier Way to Engage With Video

Video content can be difficult to navigate in an efficient way. Xerox is working to change that through technology that will allow users to search content based on keywords and the generation of tables of contents to aid in quickly finding what they’re looking for. What applications might this technology hold for your instruction?

Video is widely used in classrooms, but historically has presented challenges in terms of quickly finding, and reviewing, relevant information. This technology will not only address these issues but will also provide another means of assessment that instructors can use to analyze areas where students may be struggling to understand a concept—or content which most engages them.