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Where Will Ed Tech Take Us In 20 Years?

by Getting Smart Staff

Getting Smart

Article excerpt

EdTech 10: 20 Years from Now, Learning Will Look Like This

The most viewed blog on is a recent piece on what the future of learning will look like in 2035. In the blog, we peer 20 years into the future to see, with utmost optimism, that the learning landscape will improve with 40 predictions driven by five megatrends.

Our take

Predicting the Future of Ed Tech

No one can predict the future with 100 percent accuracy, but the comments generated by this very popular blog post provide some insights into the thinking of today’s educators around what the educational landscape may look like 20 years from now. What would you add to the list?

Input from ed tech experts to a blog post on, led to 40 predictions fueled by five megatrends lying in store for educators of the future—2035 to be exact. The insights and predictions of those who participated can be a good starting point for strategic discussions in your school system.