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Who Will Be the Future of IT?

by Meris Stansbury

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Article excerpt

STEM crisis quickly becoming an IT problem

According to recent data, Gen Z demands that devices and software—and the support required to use them—be woven into their daily lives; yet, most of this digital native generation has no interest in having an IT career.

Our take

Engaging GenZ Digital Natives to Pursue Technology Careers

CompTIA’s Managing the Multigenerational Workforce study of more than 1000 13 to 24-year-olds reveals something interesting about their engagement with technology. It’s an interesting dichotomy: Gen Z learners are increasingly tied to technology; it’s an expectation in their daily lives. Yet, few have any interest in working in an IT-related job. What role can school systems play in turning this dynamic around?

The study points to one major gap that could readily be addressed—students lack information about the types of technology-related jobs that exist today. In fact, 38 percent of the younger students indicated that their schools provide no IT-related career information. K-12 is a good place to start; the earlier the better. There are ample opportunities to engage these digital natives now to help inform them about tech-related careers or today, and in the future.