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Where Will Wearable Tech Take Education?

by Alison DeNisco

District Administration

Article excerpt

Wearable tech expands new horizons in schools

Students can explore the Great Wall of China and the surface of Mars using wearable technology products that are dropping in price and becoming more education-focused. Wearable technology—defined simply as anything electronic and worn on one’s body—will be mainstream in schools within four to five years, predicts the 2015 New Media Consortium Horizon Report.

Our take

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Google Cardboard is moving quickly into the world of wearable virtual technology and even the old View-Master isn’t what it used to be! These are just a few examples of a wearable tech trend that may hold promise in the classroom, providing students with the opportunity to experience lessons in more personal and connected ways may boost learning outcomes. Interested in finding ways to incorporate this virtual technology into your classrooms?

A good starting point, says the author of this piece, is to track a hashtag like #GoogleGlass to find what other instructors are doing. You also may be surprised to find other teachers in your district already incorporating this type of technology into their classrooms. The price is right; Google even provides instructions on its site for a do-it-yourself viewer.