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When It Comes to Technology, Tinker

by Jasmine Escalante

eSchool News

Article excerpt

Why we all need time to tinker with tech

Tinkering in the modern context is a process of trying something to figure out what works or doesn’t to find your way to the best solution, often going through many iterations, or changes, along the way. Tinkering is more a philosophy than a single practice and thus can be applied to many forms of learning for all learners.

Our take

Making Time to Tinker a Teaching Priority

Wouldn’t it be nice to have time to tinker? When it comes to technology, time to tinker is exactly what is needed suggests this author–and it’s time well spent for both students and instructors. The ability to engage with technology, without the fear of making “mistakes,” can ease anxieties and boost exploration and learning. Should you build time to tinker into your classrooms?

We often learn best from making mistakes; those mistakes often lead to a-ha moments that not only help us move forward, but that frequently come with a sense of personal satisfaction. Effectively engaging with technology can benefit from the ability to tinker—to try things, and make mistakes in a non-threatening environment. This author tinkered in a MOOC (massive, open, online course) environment, but any classroom setting—traditional or online—can be modified to incorporate tinkering time.