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What’s Your Big Data Game Plan?

by Mike Patterson

EdTech Focus On K-12

Article excerpt

Classroom Analytics Can Have Big Impact on Educational Outcomes

The latest research from the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) shows that almost 70 percent of schools have seen a jump in data collection in the last few years. In K–12 schools, according to SIIA, administrators primarily use student data to track performance, improve instruction and keep parents updated on their child’s progress.

Our take

Thinking Strategically About Big Data

It’s a bit of a big data conundrum. The ability to collect, retain and analyze masses of data about various aspects of students’ educational careers holds promise in a number of ways. But privacy concerns persist, meaning that an appropriate balance must be struck. Do you have a plan in place for the effective, and appropriate, use of data in your school district?

The collection of data in education is widespread these days, often without a great deal of thought being put into what data is being gathered, how it will be used and the potential for issues of privacy and security to be raised. Learning management systems and tools can help to capture, aggregate and analyze the data to improve teaching methods and, ultimately, learning outcomes. But, it’s important that data is being used strategically.