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What Is Hindering EdTech?

by David Nagel

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

6 Major Barriers Impeding Technology Adoption in Education

Weak digital literacy skills among students and faculty are hampering the effective use of technology in schools. But according to a panel of experts, this problem, as prevalent and pernicious as it may be, is within our power to solve.

Our take

edTech: We’re All in This Together

The New Media Consortium (NMC) and Educause Learning Initiative recently convened a panel of experts to discuss the barriers to tech adoption in education. The NMC Horizon Report: 2016 Higher Education Edition outlines six major trends the panelists identified—some relatively easy to resolve, others significantly more challenging. Which barriers are most impacting your school and what can you do to minimize, or remove, them?

The solvable challenges, according to the report, include: digital literacy for both students and teachers, and blending formal and informal learning. More daunting, the report suggests, are competing models of education and personalizing learning; most daunting—balancing both our connected and unconnected lives. The good news: we’re all in this together and can continue to benefit from interaction, engagement, and collaboration with other educators as well as vendors.