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Well-Integrated Tech Making Positive Strides

by Meg Conlan


Article excerpt

Classroom Technologies Haven’t Reached Their Potential

According to the Teachers’ Dream Classroom Survey, released this month by online and blended learning services provider Edgenuity, only 16 percent of teachers gave their schools an A grade for technology integration. Most teachers (53 percent) rated their schools at the B level, while nearly a third of teachers (31 percent) gave their schools a grade of C, D or F.

Our take

Well-Integrated EdTech Helps Teachers Achieve Objectives

A recent survey from Edgenuity suggests that there is room for improvement when it comes to successfully integrating technology in education. The promise of technology in the classroom is not being achieved, at least according to this survey. What are the barriers and impediments that are hindering the potential of technology to improve learning?

There are a variety of factors that can influence technology effectiveness from access, to adoption, to education and understanding of the potential that technology represents. One key takeaway on the positive side, though, is that there appears to be a relationship between the effective use of technology and teachers’ success—those who scored their schools high in technology integration also indicated that technology was helping them achieve their objectives.