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Web Literacy: A Lesson Worth Teaching

by Chris Lawrence

Emerging EdTech

Article excerpt

6 Hands-On Tools and Activities for Teaching Web Literacy

One of the most important skills of the 21st century—web literacy—is often overlooked in the classroom. The ability to read, write and participate online is an indispensable skill for learners, but it’s curiously absent from many educators’ curricula.

Our take

Bringing Mozilla’s Makers Party’s to Your Classrooms

We tend to take it for granted that today’s “digital natives” will somehow take to technology like a fish to water. That may be a serious misconception. Yes, children are exposed to technology at increasingly young ages, but that doesn’t mean that they are equally proficient—or knowledgeable—in its use. What should school systems to doing to help ensure equal footing for all?

The rapid evolution of web technology has created gaps in understanding for both learners and educators. Mozilla is doing something about this. Their Maker Party’s, launched in 2012, provide outlets for young students to get hands-on experience with web technology—to play, experiment, and learn. They also offer tools and activities that can be used at any time by teachers hoping to boost the technology competencies of their students. This piece talks about six options for providing fun—and relevant—ways to teach students about some key principles. Bonus: teachers may learn something too!