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Do The Virtually Impossible In Virtual Classrooms

by Dian Schaffhauser

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Making Virtual Classrooms More Interactive

You know you have a truly collaborative online instructional platform when students take selfies of themselves posing on a display with their remote instructors. That has actually transpired with people who experience Harvard Business School’s HBX Live virtual classroom.

Our take

Best Practices for Virtual Engagement

Harvard and UC Berkeley are finding innovative ways to engage students in virtual settings. Finding ways to make the online learning experience more engaging is important both to attract students to the format and to ensure that they complete the coursework they signed up for. These two best practice examples offer potential ideas that other schools might try.

Technology is both an enabler and a disruptor, but it’s not possible to ignore its impact on the classroom and traditional methods of teaching. It’s important for schools, administrators and teachers to consider how to best engage students through existing and emerging technology. Identifying best practices and staying up-to-date on new methods of teaching and learning are critical must-dos in today’s learning environment.