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Students Gathered with Devices

Virtualized Apps Mean More Student Access

by Leila Meyer

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Drake U Supports Diverse Student Devices With Virtualized Applications

Something that used to take three or four days now takes them an hour or two,” said Mielke. “It has completely transformed the way that they use that application.” In the future, the university may virtualize more applications and has enough capacity in its infrastructure to support expansion.

Our take

Using Virtualization to Break Down Barriers and Reduce Costs

As this article illustrates, virtualization can help campuses reduce hardware costs and overcome barriers to applications based on the type of device being used (e.g. Mac- vs. Windows-based). Focusing on four use cases, Drake University was able to demonstrate meaningful results for both the school and students, and is considering other applications in the future. How might virtualization help your campus save money and improve services?

The use of virtualized applications holds big potential for education as some recent use cases show. Educators and their IT colleagues need to think carefully about the strategies they could employ to boost access and usability while improving outcomes. These four use cases can serve as a starting point for discussions of areas where virtualization may hold promise.