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Virtual Reality in the Classroom

by D. Frank Smith

EdTech Magazine

Article excerpt

Virtual Reality Invites a New Era of Learning to Higher Education

In the national drive to lift student achievement by teaching parents how to help their children learn, some say thoughtful data-sharing should be at the core of a family-school partnership – and that across all languages and cultures, nothing communicates the pressing need for academic intervention like a big gap on a graph.

Our take

Practical Applications of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality holds promise to provide students with near real-world experiences doing what it is they will be doing when they enter their careers. In fields like medicine this can be a big boon, but other applications are limited only by instructor and student imagination. How might virtual reality enhance your students’ learning experiences?

Once only in the domain of science fiction, virtual reality is becoming a reality for students as offerings like Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Google Glass become mainstream. The ability for students to experience the performance of activities that will be part of their chosen professions represents a practical application of this technology, but the activities don’t have to be as complex as performing surgeries. Virtual reality can also be applied to help students experience activities as simple, yet common, as leading a meeting, giving a presentation, or participating in an interview.