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Virtual Desktops Maximize Convenience

by Dian Schaffhauser

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Move Your Labs Online

Even as online courses proliferate on campus, those programs face a challenge: How do you give students access to high-octane software and big data sets they need for their classes when they can’t simply walk into a computer lab on campus and log in?

Our take

Virtualizing Your Campus For Streamlined Access

The ability to do classwork online is great, but for many students the ability to complete their coursework requires access to specialized software. Virtual desktops can help provide that access while cutting down time spent on administrative and helpdesk-type requirements as these examples illustrate. Are there options for you to explore here?

If, like Indiana University was, you’re currently physically bundling up DVDs loaded with the software students will need for various courses, and dealing with helpdesk issues related to their ability to install and use that software, there’s plenty to like about the ease, convenience, and reduced costs of considering virtual desktop solutions. There are a range of approaches to take, and some key questions to ask as you sort out which is best for your school, but the benefits of virtualization seem clear for campuses.