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Utilizing Social Media Networks

by Eric Stoller

Inside Higher Ed

Article excerpt

Creating Connections for Online Learners

While Online learners might not necessarily be able to meet up at the campus coffee shop with their friends, they can meet up with their peers via WhatsApp groups, Google Hangouts, Twitter hashtag conversations, Periscope live-streams, and LinkedIn group discussions.

Our take

Using Social Media to Support Online Learning

The student experience in traditional and Online environments is certainly different, but the trend toward offering classes and courses Online is not likely to go away. Can the digital learning environment approximate the types of interactions and engagement that takes place in a typical campus setting?

This student author suggests that it can. He points to social media as one example of how Online interactions can be both engaging and meaningful. Tools like Google Hangouts, and other Online chat options, make it virtually seamless for students to create connections outside of the Online course environment. These connections can extend both the value of their learning and the development of personal networks. It may not be exactly the same, and may not be the preferred method of interaction for all, but it can certainly meet the needs of many.