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Using Technology to Keep Parents Informed

by Mary Mogan Edwards

Center for Digital Education

Article excerpt

Classroom Apps Give Parents Daily Personalized Student Report

Teacher Maura Elliott uses a free mobile app to ensure that every parent or guardian of her students receives a kid-customized classroom report every day. Elliott, who teaches second grade at Madison Elementary in Groveport, is the school’s coach and head cheerleader for ClassDojo, an app that lets teachers track and instantly share what their classes are doing and how each child is faring.

Our take

Connecting Parents to the Classroom

Imagine one teacher, 25 students and 50—or more—parents who are very interested in learning how their children are doing, and talking with teachers whenever there may be a sign of lagging performance or other issues. Those interactions can take a lot of time. Historically, they often didn’t occur due to time constraints and teacher availability (when teachers are in class, after all, they can’t be connecting with parents). All of that is changing, though, as teachers and school systems are discovering apps that provide parents and guardians with customized, daily reports of what their students are doing—and how they’re doing. Could such an app prove beneficial in your school system?

Educators know that involved parents are instrumental in ensuring student learning. Apps and portals that allow teachers to easily share information about students and their activities keep parents engaged and, as an added bonus, also can help to manage behavioral issues when children know their in-class activities are being regularly reported.