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Technology: A Remedy for the Brain

by Kelly Walsh


Article excerpt

Using Technology to Improve how the Brain Learns

While learning is not “a medical problem”, it is certainly a “brain problem”, and the brain is our most advanced organ. We’ve barely begin to understand how this amazing mass of cells works. Along these lines, I’m fascinated by the possibilities for information or ‘computer’ technologies to be leveraged to help the mind grow and enhance learning, much as other technologies have been used to help other human organs thrive.

Our take

Exercising the Brain Through Technology

Gaming may not be the idle pleasure that many parents believe it to be—and there are studies to prove it! Researchers are beginning to drill down into ways that technology can be used to enhance brain power and they’re discovering some fascinating possibilities. What implications does this research hold for educators?

For one thing, according to this article, technology can be used to influence students’ brains to believe they can learn—and that alone can be a big deal. The implications beyond this remain to be seen but educators should stay on top of these emerging applications, including potential downfalls.