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Using Technology to Discourage Dropouts

by Tom Ruff

eCampus News

Article excerpt

Where to start? These are the basic technologies to improve retention

To help create a well-rounded, sustainable approach to student retention, many institutions are turning to web-facing services and other technology. In the CDE survey referenced earlier, 90 percent of respondents anticipate an increase in web-facing applications and services over the next few years.

Our take

Technology: A Recipe for Retention

Students can’t learn if they aren’t engaged. Fortunately, technology holds promise as a conduit for connecting with, and engaging, students in new, innovative ways. To combat student attrition and dropout rates some campuses are turning to technology options that range from the use of mobile devices to video teleconferencing and online assessments. These efforts are demonstrating that student retention can be boosted through technology; what options might work for your students?

This article offers six examples of technology-driven tactics that can be used to keep students in college (and, perhaps, in high school was well). They include tools both to deliver information and to assess student involvement, engagement and outcomes. Some combination of these approaches, and others, may create the right recipe for retention on your campus.