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Students Gathered with Devices

Using Technology for Better Teaching

by Ryan Petersen

EdTech Magazine

Article excerpt

How Hands-On Technology is Enhancing the Classroom Experience

Technology can bring the real world into the higher ed classroom and better prepare students for the workforce through hands-on technical training. New learning tools at A.T. Still University of Health Sciences — highlighted in “Take Aim” — include software that lets students turn 2D MRI and CT scans into 3D images to better understand everything they see during a dissection or other laboratory session.

Our take

Replicating the Real World With Technology to Boost Learning and Job Placement

One of the challenges that college educators have long faced is effectively covering theory while offering opportunities for practical application that reliably simulates real-world experience. Technology is changing that, as A.T. Still University of Health Sciences’ “Take Aim” initiative demonstrates. The program uses technology to simulate real-world medical experiences. Are there opportunities to use technology strategically in your institution to replicate the real world and boost both learning and job placement rates?

The answer is almost certainly “yes.” The challenge lies in identifying the greatest areas of need and developing or selecting the most cost-effective solutions. Educational institutions must increasingly rely on forward-thinking technology solutions to improve learning outcomes and help prepare students to successfully enter the workplace. Lenovo is committed to partnering with IT leaders and administrators to adjust to meet shifting needs while keeping core priorities in mind.