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Students Gathered with Devices

Using Social Media for Class

by Brianna Crowley


Article excerpt

Connecting a Classroom: Reflections on Using Social Media With My Students

Last fall, I took a leap by connecting my classroom. Through Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Flickr, and blogging, my students published their projects and writing to an audience beyond their peers and me. Along the way, we reflected on what social media added to our classroom as well as what it required of us. I want to share some reflections as I enter a second year facilitating a connected high school classroom.

Our take

Bringing Social Media Into The Classroom: Some Best Practice Advice

Social media, in its many forms, is pervasive in our culture but in many cases not yet fully incorporated into students’ learning experiences. Some teachers, like Brianna Crowley in Hershey, Pennsylvania, are beginning to experiment with ways to bring social media into the classroom in meaningful and appropriate ways, and uncovering some potential barriers and best practices that others can learn from. What are the key issues that you should be prepared for if you decide to follow her lead?

Two key issues are choosing the platform(s) to adopt and communication—with students and, importantly, with their parents. Crowley discovered that parents were amenable to the idea, but personal conversations with some were warranted. Have a good idea of how and why you wish to engage students with social media in