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Woman Talking in front of class

Using Data to Design Instruction

by Nanette Byrnes

MIT Technology Review

Article excerpt

Lessons from the Digital Classroom

In four small schools scattered across San Francisco, a data experiment is under way. That is where AltSchool is testing how technology can help teachers maximize their students’ learning.

Our take

Technology Solutions for the Classroom Can Aid Both Learners and Educators.

As technology tools such as tablets enter the classroom—and the world at large—finding opportunities for aiding learning among students of all ages is a natural next step. A number of experiments and use cases are emerging. What do these new opportunities mean for educators?

Technology tools in education have the opportunity to not only aid learning but to provide educators with insights to help them develop or refine teaching strategies. Educational institutions rely on forward-thinking technology solutions to improve learning and drive innovation while reducing costs and improving efficiency. Lenovo solutions connect students and their educators seamlessly and securely.