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Use The Summer For PD

by Ross Cooper


Article excerpt

9 Ways I’m Staying Sharp this Summer

For educators, summer is the ideal time to try to relax, re-energize, and do some professional learning that can be put to good use starting in the fall. As an administrator, if I want other educators in my district to be moving forward (and not just during the summer), I need to live by example and model the way.

Our take

How Are You Honing Your Skills This Summer?

Ross Cooper, supervisor of instructional practice K-12 in the Salisbury Township School District in Allentown, Pennsylvania, shares his personal development plans in this piece. As an administrator, Cooper says, he believes he’s in a good position to provide an example for educators, and he lays out his summer professional development plan here. Summer is time for a welcome respite from the challenges and demands of the school year, but summer also offers opportunity for professional development. What are your PD goals for the summer months?

Professional development is about lifelong learning. Increasingly, teachers are taking on a more proactive role in their own professional development and finding many opportunities to gain the information and educational opportunities they need. Summer will be over soon and teachers and students will be back in school, but there are still ample opportunities to hone existing and learn new skills to prepare yourself for classes in the fall.