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Unconferences: Empowering Teachers

by Mary Jo Madda

Edcamp Gets $2M to Spread the Unconference Movement

Article excerpt

EdCamp Gets $2M to Spread the Unconference Movement

Edcamps, or “unconferences” that bring together teachers, tech experts, entrepreneurs, and anyone else interested in the education landscape, have become a viral movement since the very first gathering back in May 2010. In fact, there were 225 Edcamps in the last year alone.

Our take

Bringing Educators, Entrepreneurs and Tech Experts Together for Professional Development

A grassroots movement to explore the potential for Edcamps, or “unconferences,” just received a big boost from the Gates Foundation in the form of a $2 million grant. It’s a different way to look at professional development that may be more flexible and empowering for educators, also allowing for brainstorming and mentoring. Are there opportunities for you to participate in Edcamps, or to develop your own facsimiles?

The concept behind Edcamps is to bring educators together with other key collaborators of the digital age, including tech experts and entrepreneurs. It’s a good way to help find common ground and begin discussions around how these groups can work together more effectively to leverage technology in appropriate and productive ways.