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Two Taps for Education

by Nicole Gorman

Education World

Article excerpt

Should Schools Have Instagram Accounts? One Principal Thinks So

According to Adam Welcome, a K-5 principal and ASCD Smartblog contributor, Instagram is a great tool that school administrators should be taking advantage of to better connect with their community. Welcome oversees the Montair School, which recently created an Instagram page to loop “authors, athletes, companies and school districts” into school conversations.

Our take

Connecting With Parents and the Community Via Social Media

Social media isn’t just for students. Teachers can use social media too to connect with and engage parents and community members. A picture is worth 1000 words they say, making Instagram an attractive option for engaging with parents and the community. That’s what at least one principal thinks and he’s using it to connect with parents, share news about student activities and to prompt two-way engagement. How might social media tools like this increase connections in your community?

In “the old days” parents and community members would need to come to your school to observe students learning, to take part in programs or fairs, and to meet with teachers. While these are still important interactions, technology opens up the potential for new kinds of engagement in a virtual format, boosting opportunities to connect with those who might not otherwise have visited your school, its students and teachers in person. Instagram may not be the right tool for you, but there are others; it’s worth considering how various social media options could help you augment in-person interactions with parents and community members.