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Kids in Front of Laptop

Turn Studying in Trivia

by Lora Kolodny

Tech Crunch

Article excerpt

Popular study app Quizlet creates a game for groups in the classroom, Quizlet Live

Education tech venture Quizlet has finally created a product specifically for use by teachers in their classrooms, dubbed Quizlet Live. It’s an online, question-and-answer matching game for small teams to play face-to-face in the same room.

Our take

Quiz App Comes to the Classroom

Students—in fact, people of all ages, seem to enjoy trivia. The introduction of Quizlet Live, a free online tool that teachers can use to put students in teams to compete against each other to answer questions, offers a way to introduce the fun of trivia in a manner that can help students focus on pertinent content in a collaborative way. Could you put Quizlet to use in your classrooms?

125 million study sets. Automatic assignment of students to teams. Face-to-face interaction in a competitive, game-based application. There’s much to like about Quizlet and many ways that teachers can use the tool in and outside of class. In addition to helping student learn concepts, data and facts, the game-based application also helps to develop soft skills. Teachers can also use the tool to create their own study sets and quizzes, and to help students understand foreign language concepts. Like any tech tool, though, the decision of whether to adopt should be based on desired outcomes and relevance to curricula.