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Trends in Ed-Tech

by Pamela DeLoatch


Article excerpt

10 Emerging Education Technologies

Are you or your students wearing your Apple Watches to school, and if so, are you using them as part of your curriculum? What about the use of digital textbooks, adaptive learning, collaboration with other schools or flipped classrooms? These technologies represent some of the cutting edge tools and trends in education.

Our take

Collaborating to Address Disruptive Technology Trends in Education

Educational institutions from K-20 are being increasingly rocked by an onslaught of new technologies that are making traditional methods of education obsolete and introducing new opportunities that must be carefully considered in light of both budget and capacity constraints. The top new trends for the next five years include increasing individualism (varying technology preferences among students and instructors), more shared information driving increased collaboration, along with a continuing need for both hands-on learning and flexibility. How can your institution best address these trends?

New technologies will continue to emerge and, as they do, educators and their IT leaders must continually consider which might be incorporated into the classroom, which need to be eliminated or updated, and how these decisions can become an ongoing part of strategic planning to meet instructor, student and community needs. We can help. Lenovo is committed to partnering with educators and their IT leaders to help adjust to meet shifting needs while keeping core priorities in mind.