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Training Teachers is a Necessity

by Blake Montgomery


Article excerpt

Training Day: A Company Prepares Teachers to Use New Technology

Often, the success of any edtech product hinges on whether it can be integrated into the everyday operations of a district, school or classroom. But the process presents a wellspring of difficulties and questions: Do educators know what the technology does? Do companies understand what teachers need? What kind of training is necessary?

Our take

Education and Play Time Needed for Teachers to Effectively Engage With New Technology

Technology is only as good as the people who use it; too often the tools are available, but training is given short shrift. Investing in professional development around technology adoption can pay big dividends. This piece provides a glimpse into a day-long training session, on a holiday Monday, where teachers gathered to learn about a new technology tool. While helpful, things did not necessarily go smoothly and, while teachers grudgingly acknowledged that the tool could be useful, they also expressed a sense of overwhelm. What can you do to better engage teachers with new technology products?

Engagement is critical. In many school districts technology tools are available, but under-utilized. Ongoing communication and education are key, along with ample opportunities for teachers to learn as well as time to play with the technology. With time increasingly at a premium that can be challenging. An important key to success: a clear vision and focus on practical application.