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Young children at table

Touchdown! A Math and Science Game

by Liana Heitin

Education Week

Article excerpt

Students Can Practice Math and Science Concepts With New 'Madden' Video Game

For years, football fans have eagerly awaited the release of the latest in the “Madden” video game series. This December, in conjunction with Discovery Education and the NFL Players Association, EA Sports will release a special version of “Madden” that aims to teach math and science to 5th through 9th graders.

Our take

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Who knew that completing football plays required math and science knowledge? The makers of the popular Madden NFL video game, apparently. Their recent launch of Madden NFL: Football by the Numbers leverages this tie-in to position the game as a potential learning tool for parents and, potentially, teachers. When learning is fun, children may learn more; that’s the idea behind this specific edition of this video game series. What other opportunities are there to tie real-world interests of children into the learning process?

Connecting with students where they are, in terms of knowledge and interests, can go a long way toward engaging them in learning. Educators have long known this; now technology provides new—and increasingly more entertaining—ways to do just that. This is just one example, but there are now ample opportunities to use existing games, apps, videos and more to interest learners at all levels.