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Woman Talking in front of class

Today’s Classroom Challenge: Introducing Technology

by Nicole Long


Article excerpt

My Journey Into Classroom Technology Integration

When I first began integrating technology in my classroom, preparing myself for the onslaught of student questions and technology “fails” was just as time consuming as the actual lesson planning itself. It requires a strong resolve to bring these new-age opportunities into your classroom, not just because of the extra planning and work, but because of the opportunity for failure.

Our take

Many Options Available to Ease Teacher Anxiety Over Tech Adoption

A lot is being expected of teachers these days on many fronts, not the least of which is the expectation that they “keep up with the times” by bringing technology into the classroom in new and innovative ways to better engage students who are, increasingly, digital natives. The only thing certain about this process is the inevitability of a “fail,” according to this author who speaks from personal experience. What can you do to help ensure that your instructors are prepared to handle the ambiguity and steep learning curves that technology often brings?

Educators are not alone when it comes to the challenges of incorporating technology into the classroom, but sometimes they may feel that they are; accepting and learning from the inevitable “fails” is just a part of the technology adoption process. School systems and their IT leaders are in a position to help ease anxiety by providing training, education and support in a variety of ways that might include live or online training, support documents, webinars, the identification of super users, user groups, etc. A good first step is gauging the level of technology adoption, and anxiety, that your instructors are currently feeling.