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To Be A Fly On The Wall

by Nichole Dobo

The Hechinger Report

Article excerpt

A virtual tour of blended-learning schools, so others can see how it’s done

The latest project for The Learning Accelerator, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the advancement of blended learning, offers a potential solution. The organization has created a website that provides the public a virtual peek inside several schools.

Our take

Opportunities in Virtual Collaboration

Virtual reality isn’t just for field trips for students. This new project from The Learning Accelerator provides teachers and administrators an opportunity to virtually explore how other schools are innovating in the area of blended learning. What other applications could help drive enhanced learning in new ways?

It’s one thing to hear about, or read about, a best practice or innovation—it’s quite another to actually observe, and participate, in these practices. Virtual reality can make that happen, driving new collaborations teacher-to-teacher, or between teachers and community, industry, or others. There are a wide range of practical applications that can be driven through both virtual, and augmented, reality.