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The Secrets Behind Successful Students

by Lekan Oguntoyinbo

University Business

Article excerpt

Colleges study successful students

It is a radically different approach that many campus administrators believe will help them understand what makes students successful—developing a profile of success that can be used to help keep vulnerable students focused and ensure positive outcomes for all.

Our take

Now, Discover Their Strengths!

Gallup research has long suggested that a focus on strengths, rather than weaknesses, can help organizations achieve better results through their employees; some colleges are finding that the same may be true of students. While schools have the data, and tools, available to them to study student success, many remain focused on studying those who aren’t doing well, or who may drop out altogether. Could a shift in focus lead to new opportunities and insights?

Data, long used to identify struggling students, can also be used to identify—and learn from—those who excel. The results may challenge conventional thinking. Thomas College in Maine, for instance, found that high school GPA and class rank were better predictors of retention than SAT scores. Your student data may reveal similarly surprising results and prompt new approaches to spurring student success.