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The Learning Policy Institute: Fueling Education’s Future

by Linda Darling-Hammond

Huffington Post

Article excerpt

A New Moment in Education

The pace of knowledge growth accelerates every year, with technology information now doubling every 11 months. Our world is being transformed by these new technologies, as well as shifting demographics and the demands of a global economy.!

Our take

The Learning Policy Institute Seeks to Address Tomorrow’s Educational Needs Today

A high percentage of students currently in school are destined to work in careers that don’t even exist today. That’s just one implication of the impact that technology is having on the world. Another, closely related implication, is the need for these students—and future workers—to receive the training and education required to excel in future fields of endeavor. That’s a conundrum for educators; how can you prepare to teach today what students will need to know tomorrow when those needs have not yet fully emerged?

Technology is already showing the potential to significantly disrupt the world of education as we currently know it; this is demanding new, and ongoing, strategic discussions among administrators, educators and their IT leaders. The Learning Policy Institute is one initiative being launched in an effort to bring together various stakeholders with a shared commitment to high quality education. It’s a movement to watch and, perhaps, to become involved with.