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The Importance of Updated Technology

by Cindy Riley

Classroom Technology News

Article excerpt

Classroom Technology Helps Provide Equal Education

For millions of students, having the latest technology in the classroom is taken for granted. From the newest computers with high-speed Internet connections to document cameras and interactive whiteboards, children expect access to the tools they need to enhance the learning experience. But that’s not always the case.

Our take

Tearing Down the Walls to Increase Collaboration and Boost Access to Technology

While technology in the classroom is taken for granted by some, there are still systems that have limited access, creating inequities and challenging the ability of students to excel. This gap is likely to impact the ability of students, particularly in low income areas, to be prepared for both college and the job market. Are there opportunities for school systems facing these challenges to partner with other educational or technology institutions to help close the gap?

Collaboration is the name of the game in an increasingly wired environment where walls no longer necessarily represent barriers to information or education. There are opportunities for educators to think innovatively about how to leverage technology cost-effectively. Lenovo’s innovations could pave the way. When used in combination with careful planning and smart partnerships, IT can help modernize infrastructure, identify potential efficiencies, and stay up-to-date with a constantly changing landscape.