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Edmodo Leads the Way for Blended Learning

by C. M. Rubin

Huff Post Education

Article excerpt

The Global Search for Education: Online Educational Tools

Based in San Mateo, California, Edmodo is the number one K-12 social learning network in the world. The goal of the Edmodo platform is to engage learners with knowledgable peers and impactful content, and it is estimated that 50 million educators in 190 countries are currently doing just that.

Our take

Online Collaborative Teaching Tools Can Help Spread Best Practices

Edmodo is an online network that allows K-12 teachers, students and parents to connect with each other in a secure environment where they can ask and answer questions and share best practices. Although based in California, the platform actually extends around the world and adoption has been beyond founders Vibhu Mittal and Machael Horn’s expectations. It has been particularly useful in helping to support blended learning; the teacher-to-teacher collaboration that the tool makes possible has been an added, and unforeseen, benefit say its creators. Would this, or similar tools, hold promise for your school system?

Whether K-12, or K-20 and beyond, in today’s tech-laden environment, administrators and educators are often challenged to identify, evaluate and adopt the best platforms and practices to fuel learning. Collaborative tools like Edmodo can aid in that process by breaking down siloes and bringing teachers and others together to learn from each other.