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Students Gathered with Devices

The “Flipped Field Trip”

by Chris Berdik August 19, 2015

The Hechinger Report

Article excerpt

Technology lets students ‘flip’ the field trip

Hoping to spark creativity and give students a real taste of the artistic process, art teachers from 16 high schools across the state had signed up their students for this pilot project, which museum staffers dubbed a “flipped field trip.” Called “Artists in Process,” it was loosely based on the model of the “flipped classroom,” in which teachers assign online reading, Youtube lectures and other digital resources as homework to cover facts, figures, dates and other basic information, then students spend class time in deeper discussions, analysis and collaborative projects.

Our take

Technology Provides the Opportunity to “Flip” Learning Experiences in Creative Ways

Using technology to create a sense of community among students as they explore new material both virtually and in real time can provide a broader, more meaningful and, ultimately, more successful learning experience, as illustrated through this use case. The experiences of these students and their instructors demonstrate that technology isn’t a replacement for reality, but an enabler, and an opportunity to creatively think of new ways to innovatively augment the learning experience. How can you bring technology into play to super-charge learning for your students?

As always, it pays to start with the end in mind. All classroom activities should be driven by learning objectives; technology just offers new ways to bring what used to be textbook- or video-based experiences to life. Combined with an opportunity for online engagement—something students are already very familiar with—instructors have an opportunity to “flip” learning in new, and increasingly innovative, ways, while keeping learning outcomes firmly in mind.