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The Cloud: Managing Change

by Andrew Barbour

eCampus News

Article excerpt

Biggest cloud challenge? Hint: It’s not the technology

Today, schools are focused on the upside of cloud deployments for everything from LMSs to SISs—and that upside can be truly significant. But even as earlier fears about the cloud have subsided, new challenges have arisen.

Our take

Effective Cloud Deployment is All About the People

Cloud deployments have achieved critical mass in education with security no longer a significant concern. Today, though, many of the challenges related to cloud management, as education has begun to adapt to its use, are more people than technology driven. Effective change management is required to ensure appropriate and consistent adoption. How can you ensure all staff are ready to embrace this transition?

IT staff have the biggest changes to manage, this piece notes. Cloud adoption requires different skillsets and moves many outside of their comfort zones. Training and communication are essential, as are new hiring criteria when bringing new staff onboard. But, even outside of the IT department, communication and education are critical to ensure efficient and effective adoption to ensure that these investments are not squandered due to lack of appropriate use.