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The Buzz About Blockchain

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Article excerpt

Will Blockchain Invade Education?

“Blockchain” is one of the trendiest technologies of the moment. It’s also one of the most difficult to understand.

Our take

Blockchain and the “Learning is Earning” Initiative

It’s a term you may not even have heard yet, but it began getting more buzz recently at SXSWedu. Blockchain. Blockchain is a trendy new technology that is generating some buzz in educational spheres. It’s the same technology that powers Bitcoin and it may be a means of supporting decentralized credentialing and the awarding of badges for learning events. Should this be on your radar screen?

This article links to a blog post by Audrey Watters who notes that very, very few applications currently exist. However, venture capitalists and other investors are taking note. It’s a concept that may help to fuel the ability to support the award of digital badges, a trend that is continuing to take hold among organizations like Coursera, Udemy and now even LinkedIn. It’s definitely a concept worth watching.