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The Bonuses Of Badging

by Heather Kennison

eSchool News

Article excerpt

Here’s why Idaho implemented badges for high schoolers

While it’s more complicated than getting dual credit for a high school course, badges earned through SkillStack can be used toward credit at any Idaho technical institution — and, its online resume-building tool can also help match employers to future employees.

Our take

Badging: Not Just for Students

Badges can be a good way to provide students with options to improve skills or gain knowledge in specific areas that can aid them in higher education, or future careers. How might your school use badging to boost student preparation for their futures?

With technology, globalization and other impacts driving rapid change across many industries, the ability to provide students with knowledge around emerging issues is important. Badges can be a good way to quickly introduce new concepts and build competencies. The experience of school districts like this one, and others, can provide best practice approaches. Badging is not limited to students, either; it can also easily fit into professional development initiatives.