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Students Gathered with Devices

Textbooks and Technology: Analyzing Student Preferences

by Michael Schramm

USA Today

Article excerpt

Survey: 78% of students prefer digital course material

VitalSource Technologies — an educational technology company — recently announced the results of its fifth annual survey on the impact of technology in education. The survey reported that 78% of students frequently read course materials with a device. This percentage is up from 48% of students who read digital course materials from devices in 2011.

Our take

A Blended Approach to Learning, Incorporating Both Online and Traditional Options, May Best Meet Diverse Needs of Learners

Studies, such as this one, continue to indicate an increasing adoption of, and openness to, the use of digital course materials for students across all grade levels. This interest holds promise for better engaging students while, potentially, reducing the costs associated with traditional learning materials. But, with so many options, how can educators determine what’s best for their students?

While increasing numbers of students are indicating an interest in using online course materials, traditional hard copy texts remain the preferred choice of many. That means that instructors must be prepared to deliver a blended array of options to meet the needs of all learners. Lenovo is committed to partnering with educators as they adjust to meet shifting needs while keeping core priorities in mind.