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Test Your Tech-Savvy Teaching

by Edutopia

Edutopia Quiz

Article excerpt

QUIZ: Tech Savvy Teaching: How Do You Rank?

Where are you in the grand scheme of technology in the classroom? Are tech tools improving your teaching or just a distraction?

Our take

Even the Most Tech-Savvy Teachers Always Have More to Learn

Where do you rank when it comes to the understanding and adoption of technology in your classroom? This quick quiz can help you find out and will also point to a variety of useful tools and resources to help boost your score. From information gathering, to lesson-planning and delivery, to assessment, collaboration, and more, technology is available to help teachers take their lessons to the next level. Are you ready to embrace these new options?

Educators need to continually assess their ability to effectively and appropriately integrate technology into their classrooms. From your current level of understanding it’s relatively easy to move up the ladder to embrace new tools to better engage students—and provide better outcomes. Technology adoption in the classroom is no longer an option, but an imperative. Even if your score is “advanced” there is always more to learn.