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Techy Applicants

by Dian Schaffhauser

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Higher Ed Slow To Shift to Digital Experiences

Public universities could really use some help in sorting out how to use their digital content, technologies and practices to do a better job of interacting with their “customers” — students and families. Likewise, they’re making glacially slow progress on meeting the expectations of prospective students.

Our take

Digital Experiences for Students

A survey by Digital Clarity Group (DCG) suggests that public universities have some catching up to do when it comes to providing useful digital experiences to students. K-12, on the other hand, is further ahead in its efforts to engage students digitally. What will this disconnect mean for students as they exit a digital K-12 space to encounter a digital disconnect in higher ed?

Digital progress in higher ed is occurring in pockets, this author suggests, generally driven by student demand as demonstrated through enrollment numbers. As digital natives, exposed to plenty of technology in K-12, begin to graduate and look for higher ed options it’s not improbable to expect that they will increasingly be drawn to tech-enabled college campuses. Now is the time to begin taking steps to ensure that your campus will be on their list of options.