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Technology vs. Teachers: An Even Match?

by Michael Hansen

US News & World Report

Article excerpt

Will Robots Teach Our Kids?

In education policy, Daniel Araya has argued that we should refocus our instruction in schools to help students flourish in the face of these technological advances. For today, however, I want to focus on where we’re likely to see robots and microprocessors in schools taking over the tasks humans are currently performing.

Our take

In Education, There Will Always Be a Place for Human Interaction

“Education is a labor intensive industry,” this author points out, and labor equals costs. As technology, and artificial intelligence, become increasingly available, there is the promise to drive many of these human-based costs out of the educational system. But, the more routine and predictable jobs are, the more likely they are to be overtaken by technology. Can the education process ever be entirely routinized?

Despite the fact that technology is having a big impact on the education industry, and others, it’s unlikely that technology—or robots—will ever replace the need for real, live, human being teachers. Still, educators and administrators are wise to stay on top of trends that may prove disruptive, at a minimum requiring new ways of thinking about how, when and where education is delivered.