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Technology as a Safeguard Against Bias

by Christiaan Henny

eLearning Industry

Article excerpt

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy In eLearning

One huge obstacle in education since the beginning of time is the self-fulfilling prophecy. This prophecy is problematic for teachers as well as students. Here is how eLearning can minimize its negative effects on academic performance, and maybe even use the prophecy to its own advantage.

Our take

Another Benefit of Technology: No Bias

Technology isn’t biased, meaning that the proper application of technology in the classroom can help guard against the self-fulfilling prophecy. How can you incorporate technology in the classroom to help overcome your own unconscious biases and their potential impacts on students?

Some students are just easier to like than others and, despite teachers’ best efforts to be non-biased, human nature is hard to overcome. Technology can address the impacts of the self-fulfilling prophecy: the tendency for students to rise (or not) to the expectations of those around them. Flipped classrooms, this author notes, can provide an environment where student potential is identified in a non-biased way—through technology which can both recognize high performance and offer encouragement to help learners improve.