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Tech On Track: Physical Ed Innovations

by Marian Oswald


Article excerpt

Let’s Get Digitally Physical: Technology in Gym Class

Gadgets that help students track their health goals, gaming systems that involve full body movement, virtual tools that break down complicated sports instructions — this kind of technology has the power to transform students’ time in the gym.

Our take

Physical Fitness Apps and Trackers

Technology in the gymnasium? You may be surprised to learn about the innovation options that teachers are bringing to physical education to boost students’ engagement—and health. How could your physical education classes be redesigned to leverage technology in ways that better engage students around physical fitness?

There are a variety of options available, some using the same technology that might already be in place in other parts of your school, like Camtasia. Some, like Xbox Kinect, get students moving as they participate in various games; others, like fitness trackers, can be used to track personal progress and to engage in competitions.