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Tech Shines Light on Inequity

by Skylar Griego  

Daily Lobo

Article excerpt

TED Talk addresses equity in education

Each speech covered a different aspect of equity, or the lack of it, in education, but recurring themes appeared throughout each one, such as diversity among students and their connection with and power over their own educational experiences.

Our take

Addressing the Gaps in Tech Accessibility for Students

“Fairness is providing each person with the right tools to succeed.” That was the message at a recent TED Talk at the African American Performing Arts Center. There’s always been inequity in education, but technology is making that inequity ever more apparent, and significantly widening the gaps that impact some students’ ability to benefit from a quality education. These presentations offered some perspective on how the situation might be addressed. What is the situation in your school district and what are you doing to close these gaps?

Lack of female and minority representation in STEM careers. Lack of broadband to reach students in rural areas. Economic disparities that hinder some students’ access to tech tools that are now becoming must-have’s in education at all levels. Each district’s issues will be different, and these are just a few of the inequities that may exist, but assessing your own situation and student needs can help to identify and prioritize the key areas to focus on now.