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Woman Talking in front of class

Tech ‘Rockstars,’ Rock On

by Kerry Gallagher and Kyle Pace


Article excerpt

Five Ways to Create More Teacher Rockstars in Your School

“Rockstar” is a term that is being thrown around among educators lately. A few teachers and administrators who try new instructional practices—many that inevitably involve tech tools—earn that rockstar praise from their connected colleagues online.

Our take

Giving Your Tech “Rockstars” Some Love

Teachers are rapidly adopting technology in the classroom–some more aggressively and effectively than others. This author, an Instructional Technology Specialist, encourages administrators with teachers in their school systems who are already ahead of the tech adoption curve, to embrace their “rock star” status and create a culture that motivates all teachers to take new risks. Could you adopt some of these principles in your district?

It’s highly likely that, within your school system, a certain number of tech “rock stars” exist. The challenge is identifying them, encouraging them to “take the stage” and leveraging their enthusiasm and expertise to propel others forward. The ideas presented here are easy to implement and hold promise for generating more conversations around the appropriate use of technology to engage students and drive better outcomes.