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Tech For All Subjects

by Madeline Will

Education Week

Article excerpt

Teacher Tech Leaders: Nicholas Provenzano

Step into Nicholas Provenzano’s high school English classroom and you won’t see a dusty chalkboard or students scribbling in notebooks. Instead, his classroom is mostly paperless.

Our take

Fostering a Love for Technology

When teachers have a passion for technology, students are likely to follow. Nicholas Provenzano proves that a love for technology isn’t just the domain of science and math teachers; this English teacher is an early adopter who is bringing ed tech to the masses. How could you incorporate a love for technology into your classroom, regardless of the subject you teach?

Today, technology is pervasive in every walk of life and every subject area. Whether using Google to conduct research on a topic for a report, creating websites with tools like WordPress, or creating code for their own apps, students can leverage technology in a multitude of ways—from pre-school, through K-12, higher ed and beyond. Teachers with passion like Provenzano can help to instill a technology-driven love of learning. Summer can be a good time to begin thinking about how to do just that.