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Is Tech Distracting Your Students?

  • September 01, 2016|
  • 2 years ago

by Stuart Green

The Wall Street Journal

Article excerpt

I’m Banning Laptops From My Classroom

As common sense suggests, and a March 2013 study by Faria Sana, Tina Weston and Nicholas J. Cepeda confirmed, students who are multitasking during class have less understanding and recall of what’s being discussed.

Our take

Is Technology More of a Detractor Than Enabler in Your Classrooms?

The mobility of today’s electronic devices has increased their adoption dramatically across many settings, including educational settings. Technology in the classroom can be both an aid and a distraction as this law professor notes. Is banning laptops to boost the odds of student attentiveness a good, or bad, idea?

It’s an interesting argument, but likely one that will be increasingly difficult to make and enforce, as many reader comments support. Technology is here to stay and more of an enabler than detractor even in educational settings. In truth, educators have always had to work hard to engage students’ attention; technology doesn’t change this, but does potentially make it more obvious when they don’t succeed. We’re in favor of embracing mobile in the classroom.