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Student using tablet in Library

Tech Can Break Barriers

by Jane Meredith Adams


Article excerpt

To reach parents, schools try universal language of data

In the national drive to lift student achievement by teaching parents how to help their children learn, some say thoughtful data-sharing should be at the core of a family-school partnership – and that across all languages and cultures, nothing communicates the pressing need for academic intervention like a big gap on a graph.

Our take

For Parents Who Can’t Read, Virtual Data Can Boost Understanding

Parents play a critical role in the successful education of their children, but when parents suffer from communication barriers, their role may be diminished. This school system is turning to digital data to help get important points about children’s progress across. Could you do a better job of communicating student data to the parents in your district?

Just like students, parents learn and process information differently. Being attuned to the differing information needs and potential language barriers of the parents in your district can help to better provide them with information that can engage them in their children’s learning process. Technology offers a variety of ways to simplify the translation of data into visual formats that can improve understanding.