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Tech Built For New Educational Roles

by Bob Violino

District Administration

Article excerpt

Sharper vision: What’s new in interactive displays for education

Vendors now base their more “human-centered” designs on the latest teaching and learning models, aiming to accommodate the new ways in which teachers and students interact, Flanagan says. This is in contrast with the old way of thinking: displays that reinforce the traditional, teacher-centered model.

Our take

New Interactions Changing Roles and Spaces

Students are becoming increasingly more actively engaged in their own learning as teachers take a backseat role—technology is enabling the shift. Mobile learning tools can provide shared control for optimum interaction. But the incorporation of these new tools requires different interactions and different ways of engaging between teachers and students, and students and each other. How could you be thinking differently about how interaction occurs in your classroom?

Classrooms are gradually evolving away from the “sage on the stage” style of teaching and learning as tools like interactive displays, tablets, laptops and VR/AR-enabled devices are increasingly adopted. Administrators and instructors need to think creatively—and strategically—about the role of these new tools. Here’s a look at some additional do’s and don’ts of using technology in the classroom.